Movie Fashion review: Crazy Rich Asians

Hello again am back again with a movie fashion review. 2018 has been a great year regarding style. Movie fashion is grand to watch. There are so many new movies this year. The recent film that has given me so much to admire is a comedy film. Crazy Rich Asians, was released on 15th Aug 2018. It was one of the best comedy films I have had time to watch this year. Never mind the crazy schedule and being too broke to spend any money on a movie. The movie gives me numerous style moments that will last. Here is a look at some of the best Fashionable moments from the film.

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My most favorite character in the film had to be Astrid Leong- Teo. She was a great character who was a fashion icon who killed every look. She was always flawless. Gemma Chang plays the role. She sure had the body and the looks of a fashion Icon. I bet she had a blast playing that role. Who wouldn’t want to be adorned with Dior’s and Ellie Saab’s finest?

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The movie revolves around a wealthy Singaporean family and their culture. The fantastic designs were well suited for the wealthy Asians who have zero money problems. The storyline exposes to a wealthy Nick Young. He is the set heir for Young’s family business empire and is insanely rich. He, however, does not adore money or anything that comes with it and is a straightforward young man. He brings home a simple girl from New York. She has been raised by a single mother and does not have that much to spare as a college professor.

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Awkwafina did not disappoint with the high fashion tips for Rachel Chu. The outfits she chose were all fantastic on her as well as on Rachel. The best costume was the black dress she wore to the Tan Hua event where Rachel was meeting Nick. The fashion advice was useful for the dull, clueless professor who has no clue what to wear. The best part of it all is when Peik Lein gave Rachel a makeover to help her stand up to Nick Young’s mother who thought she would never be enough.

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The wedding was extravagant with Rachel wearing a breathtaking gown. It was a very red carpet ready with Nick clad in a tux. The wedding venue bedazzled with the place made to look like a natural garden. How much would it cost to hold such a wedding?

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The jewelry from the movie goes beyond anything that I have ever seen. Most pieces were said to have been borrowed which made them appear even more breathtaking — the watch which Astrid gifts her husband was also adopted from a friend of Kwan, the author. The costume designer went out of their way to achieve the film success. It has been a fan favorite with a rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The labels used in the film also included Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Dior, and Ellie Saab. You can never go wrong with such huge labels on set.

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The Old money was well represented with the Grandma killing each look. Eleanor played by Michelle Yeoh was another fashion-forward character. The wedding extras brought their clothes to create a sense of originality to the movie. It was a great idea as it portrayed the rich Asian culture. Singapore is beautiful there is no doubt about that. The film does not disappoint even with breathtaking beach scenes from Thailand.

Plaid… Yay or nay?

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Let’s talk plaid. We can all attest that plaid is a huge part of fashion. It may come in various forms, but in the end, it still is plaid. Plaid has been used by every other designer that you can imagine. The pattern is a favorite in every closet. Everyone owns a plaid shirt that they love to wear almost anywhere they go. The most exciting thing about plaid is that it never goes out of style. However, it is easy to get your plaid game wrong. Before you wear that plaid, take time to find a different inspiration for your outfit.

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Fashion week is where you get all the trends and hints on what will be fresh for the season. The runway is a significant source of style hacks. Most designers always have a creative way of re-inventing prints that seem boring. Fashion houses have been able to turn this print to many different shapes creating more interest in what seemed old and forgotten.

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The best way to wear plaid according to me is to mix it up with color. Plaid and color tie up together to create this warm look. Too much plaid can sometimes appear dull. Breaking it up with color helps make it more appealing. Plaid shirts can be worn with jeans. Similarly, try pairing a plaid skirt with a plain or straightforward colored shirt.

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Matching plaid also works. If you love going for the bold look, then you should try this one. You can get a plaid suit. An oversized suit is an excellent way to look like a star while rocking plaid. You can even add some simple accessories to tie up the entire look. Plaid two pieces are also prevalent on runways. If you can roll them, then you are good to go. You can tone your look down by getting simple shoes.

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Plaid dresses are very common. Designers like Alexander McQueen were able to make some of the most iconic pieces from plaid. Plaid skirts are a stylish option for your wardrobe. Gingham Plaid is very common. You can make your dress if you love sewing by getting a great pattern from Pinterest. Most people consider plaid dresses childish, but they can be classy and sophisticated. All you need is to get a great dress and style it well. The right accessories and fit will matter most. You can search for a fresh design that will suit your body and get that classy plaid piece that your closet desperately needs.

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Plaid outerwear is very common in Europe. London is one place that you can find people wearing their plaid coats on the streets. They are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Winter is here, and the festivities are around the corner. You can get one to create lasting memories while taking those family photos. A plaid coat is a style masterpiece. You can dress it up or down to suit your needs.

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Plaid is never going away any time soon. Whether you want a simple look or something serious, plaid is your go-to print for a cute outfit. You can wear it to work, dinner or just about anywhere you need to be. How do you like your plaid? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

Cool thrifts for a perfect night out

cropped-house-of-wamboe.jpgThere are many trends that come and go. You may find that crops tops used to be trendy way back and they have made a comeback. Every trend looks great when it is done right. You may find that not all trends are great for you. I have a few things that I dislike that no matter how trendy they look I may never bring myself to wearing them.


As a fashion blogger, I like to find inspiration in a piece of clothing. I focus on styling it in my own way then I decide whether it works or not. As a matter of fact, I believe you can set your own trend by doing what you are comfortable with. Fashion should be centered on comfort as well as confidence. Why wear a crop top if you do not feel good about your belly?


All in all, the best thing about fashion is that it gives you a chance to communicate volumes from a distance. The way I walk when I know am rocking a killer look will make you want to talk to me from mile. Keep following House of Lily Wamboe for more fashion inspiration. You can join the Wamboee Army by subscribing here. Also do not forget to share and comment on your feelings and thought about this.









How to wear Bold colors in Style

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Colors make the world beautiful. Can you imagine if the world was black and white? Color makes everything perfect. The colors of nature bring us closer to the world around us. This is the same with clothes. An outfit is made memorable by its color. There are nice palettes that draw some amount of attention to the outfit. Here’s a look at how you can rock the colorful trend and look stylish.

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4 simple lessons from King Kylie

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The Kardashian clan has become a household name over the years. They are known all over the globe mostly for their reality shows and also for their strong social media influence. They have millions of fans from all over the globe. They also have critics of an equal measure. This has not stopped them from taking over the world. The youngest of the Kardashian- Jenner family is Kylie Jenner. Here are a few things that I have learned from her.

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1. Sometimes the King is a girl
She has the makeup line that has catapulted her to the cover of Forbes Magazine. The best part about her is that she handles business so well that she has been able to capitalize on her fame. The king of trends turned her influence to her business. She is now the youngest self- made billionaire.

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Punk refurbished!

Ice Cream PartyThere are so many things that we admire in life. Some are a reflection of who we are deep inside or who we struggle to be. Fashion should bring out the inner you. When it comes to great fashion sense, there’s more than just looking fabulous. Fashion should express what we feel and believe in. As a rock fan, I have always felt like there’s a dark side to my fashion sense.

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As a fashionista, there is always a struggle to find that balance. However, there are brands that may help you get the look that best explains you. Personally, I tend to be a little bit edgy with my style. Vintage Zionist has been that brand that I have come to love and admire.

It is a South African brand that deals with punk fashion. Their pieces are full of personality and edge. Their studded leather is to die for. The jackets are an amazing wardrobe pieces. They even make simple tees fashionable! The fact that it caters for rock fans fashion is not the only great thing about them. It uses up cycled leather.

Here are more amazing looks from the brand. They have put Eco-fashion on the grid with their cause to protect the environment and animals.

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Eco-fashion; Does your wardrobe harm the environment?

beautiful-bloom-blooming-136255Can fashion be Eco-friendly? How green can fashion be? Better yet, how friendly is your wardrobe to the environment? Who made your clothes? Not many of us can answer these simple questions. Fashion for the environment has been a force to reckon with in recent years. Green fashion looks at fashion and ethics within the whole process of production.
Unlike fast fashion, green fashion focuses on the minimalist purchase of clothes. We like to shop till we drop and we rarely care about the sustainability part of fashion. For Eco-fashion lovers the less you buy the more, you save the environment and ensure sustainability and reliability. Eco-friendly fashion focuses on buying less and maximizing on use. For instance, you can use one shirt in 5 different outfits rather tan buy 5 more.
Recycling and Re-using carry the major part of sustainability? Whereas we get rid of old clothes, it is better if we can recycle or re-purpose them to something that would benefit us in the long run. There are many ways to hold on to your clothes a little bit longer. You can resell them or donate them to charity to ensure that someone else who needs the clothes can get them without having to break a bank. This ensures that there is minimal dumping on the environment.
Sustainable production means no overproduction. We have stores full of clothes that were made with no regard to whether anyone would desire to wear them. For Eco-fashion, clothes are made only when in demand. This helps in solving the problems that are brought about by overproduction and harmful chemicals that are used on fabrics. The tailors who make these clothes are under constant pressure to make a certain number in a day while they are underpaid and exploited. This has led to a whole need for us to think about fashion with ethics.

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